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Heart-Rate Based Training Zones
Heart-Rate Based Training Zones
  • Heart-Rate Based Training Zones

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All of our training programs are backed by science and decades of experience at the highest levels.


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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for the Overbuilt Membership for as low as $11.00/month that features our entire training program library, the "Daily Grind" workout of the day, and our "Overbuilt-365" daily workouts right here.

Another option is signing up for only the Daily Grind for as low as $5.00/month for access to a daily workout based off of our "Powerbuilding" training style here.

How do I pick what programs to use?

It depends on what your training experience level and goals are.

If you are new to lifting or getting back into the gym, our "Intro to Overbuilt" is a great 6-week program to ramp up your fitness.

If you're already lifting consistently, and are a hunter wanting to prepare for a western style hunt, depending on the time of the year, any other the other programs within the Overbuilt program line-up will get you where you want to be physically and mentally.

If you want to become the most effective athlete overall, without the hunt specific aspect, our Powerbuild Program Series is the place to look at. These programs are geared towards hypertrophy, endurance, and strength to build a hybrid athlete, prepared for anything. This is also a great alternative for hunters, but it won't have any pack related workouts.

What equipment is required?

Required equipment varies from program to program.

We have created a few different categories to try and simplify the process for you, though.

- The Minimal Equipment programs require a pack and a pull up bar to be done entirely.

- The Bodyweight programs need a pull up bar and some resistance bands to be done completely.

- The Endurance programs require running shoes and a heart rate monitor to be completed effectively.

- The Overbuilt and Powerbuilding programs both need a full gym or a well equipped home gym do be done entirely.

What if the training isn't for me?

No worries, we get it. The workouts are very intense, it are not for everyone. Try our 14-day trial with the "Overbuilt Membership" or the 7-day trial with the "Daily Grind" for free. If you don't like it you may cancel free of charge.

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