Overbuilt // Off-Season Training Program // Phase 1

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The Overbuilt Training System is designed around the needs of the backcountry hunter. Each program has been rigorously tested on backcountry guides/hunters, military service members, and first responders to bring the most effective training towards our ultimate goal; making an athlete who is overbuilt both physically and mentally for any and all tasks and adventures that are thrown at them.


This 8-week program is the first of two phases that are designed to build upon the training foundation set during the post-season. The focus of this program is called “powerbuilding;” which means the goal is to gain muscle power, strength and size in specific target areas while also increasing functional aerobic capacity. This is achieved through the process of daily undulating periodized resistance training; which builds upon itself throughout the weeks driving progressive overload as the training goes on. What this will practically translate into is a better quality of life, increased performance when lifting weights in the gym or when performing operations; running longer and faster; hauling heavier loads on your pack faster and for longer distances; and an unwavering mental toughness when in rough situations.

We have extensively tested this program through years of development. At Barbell Basecamp, we believe the off-season is one of the most important phases of the training cycle as it sets the standard for more hunting specific training executed in the pre-season. 

Without the right training, performance will not reach its maximum potential when training shifts to hunting specific functional movements in the pre-season.

The weekly training schedule consists of 6 resistance workouts along with 4-6 cardio workouts. The workouts are designed to be completed in under 60 minutes each and can be scaled to fit the needs of beginner to elite athletes. 

Cardio workouts consist mainly of easy pace runs, along with tempo runs, long runs, and interval runs. Weekly running mileage will range from 20-40+ miles depending on your training level, allowing for a great base to build on for our athletes who pursue competitive distance running such as half marathons all the way to 100-mile trail ultras.

This PDF consists of 40+ pages of workout programming, alternative exercises, training terms and insights, movement demo videos, and more.

The weekly training schedule has been designed to accommodate athletes who need a 4-day/week or 5-day/week training split, with detailed instructions on how to properly reorganize the workouts.