50 Days to Freedom Challenge Information


As you read through this page, I know you will be waiting for when you are asked to buy something. So let me be very clear:
There is no catch here, only information that can change your life.. FREE OF CHARGE. You will not be asked to enter your credit card information.
So, read this message carefully and know that you won't have to pay for something.



If you're looking to start a new fitness program or challenge, this is not what you're after.

This is a program that will change your life from the inside out, if you let it.

This program builds discipline and mental toughness. If you follow it without wavering, you will arrive at the other end more mentally tough and more disciplined than ever. PERIOD.

Are you going to see physical changes? Without a doubt! The physical changes you feel and what you see in the mirror are only a FRACTION of the results you can earn by completing the challenge.
As you read and learn about the program below, keep that in mind the depth of change this program can fuel.
This is NOT another simple "internet challenge"...'


Taking Complete Control of Your Life

 There is nothing worse than going through life on auto drive. The same day lived over and over, wake up, go to work, and float through each day without a purpose, goal, or direction..

You spend your free time scrolling through social media, watching your favorite TV show, wasting time until the weekend comes along so you can finally "live" your life.

Weekends are never and different though, and so repeats the cycle over and over until it all runs together. 

You start to notice the people around you are going places and getting ahead, so you start to worry and try to understand what you don't have that they do or what you need to do different.

Doubt starts to set in...

You become extremely critical of everything you do, finding flaw in the smallest things, and trapping yourself with doubt that you are making the right choices.

This mental turmoil bleeds over into your physical domain, you start to exercise less because it feels pointless.

You try program after program, challenge after challenge, listen to every motivational video you can find to get where you want to be mentally and physically..

There are all temporary fixes to a core problem, which leads right back to where you started but feeling worse about the whole situation.

I know exactly what that feels like, because I've been there, and so have so many people around you.

I spent years feeling misunderstood and like I had no place; aimlessly floating through life without a purpose, a life plan, getting NOWHERE I wanted to go..

I started to let the pressure of failure take me over mentally and physically.

After seemingly trying everything to get back on the right track only to wind up back at the start over and over I knew something had to change and that I wasn't the only person who was going through life struggling this way.

 I realized that I wasn't asking the right questions, so I wan't looking where I needed to look in over to find what I needed to find. I was scratching at the surface when in reality the problem that needed addressed was much deeper.

The REAL PROBLEM I had was a lack of *discipline* and *mental toughness*.

When I realized this I started to take control of my situation and make a REAL change..

If you don't know who I am, my name is Cody Wright. I'm the founder of Barbell Basecamp, an entrepreneur, a former Army Scout Sniper, and have been able to completely change my life by taking advantage of the lessons and skills learned through this program.
I'm nothing special, so don't be mistake. I am just like you.
I have spent my entire adult life figuring out how to take control of my mind by building mental toughness and developing the skills needed to take complete control of your life and create success in anything you set your sight on.
This is what it takes ...
  • Confidence
  • Self-Belief
  • Passion 
  • Physical Endurance
  • Grit
  • Personal Fortitude
  • Perseverance
  • A Drive To Win

 These are NOT traits you are born with ... They're developed.. and they're perishable... So you have to keep them up.

These are ALL skills you can acquire ... IF you choose to commit to making changes & following through on what you say.
I've compiled everything I've learned about mental toughness and becoming disciplined, and created a program to show you how you can the same. I call the program "50 Days To Freedom."
Again, this program will permanently change your life if you let it. You are completely in control, so if you follow the program without wavering or compromising, you will finish it with the reward of changing your life permanently for the better.
  • Learn how to be truly honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable
  • Try and accomplish ideas you only dreamed about
  • Be 100% confident in yourself and you choices
  • Understand time management to get more done and stop wasting time on pointless things
  • Prioritize what really matters to you in life and develop amazing relationships with those you want to surround yourself with
  • Completely change your thought process and actions
  • Be in your BEST health and physical shape due to the mental transformation you've created through hard work and discipline


Think about the monetary value these changes would be worth to you.

If this program could honestly deliver that ... Imagine how entirely different you life would look physically, mentally, and financially.

People spend countless amounts of money everyday to get rich quick schemes and self-proclaimed financial or health gurus to wind up in the same place but with less money. This is the opposite of that.

This program really is the deal of the century...

 100 Days To Freedom will teach you to completely transform your life to the one you really with through consistency, hard work, and discipline throughout the next 100 days.
If you commit to the program today, we will share 100 Days To Freedom with you for the low price of ... $0.00!

Seriously, it doesn't cost you anything but your time and effort towards bettering yourself.

"But Cody ... why would you want to give the program away if it's so valuable?"

This is why it's free ...
Because, I know first-hand how much 100 Days To Freedom will change your forever life and I want that for you and for everyone. I know you will be happier, healthier, and accomplish things you never thought were possible before.
...and because money shouldn't stand in the way of making that dream a reality for you or for anyone..
Now, this program won't cost you any money, but it's far from being free.
It will cost you time, it will cost you effort, it will cost you to make decisions you don't want to do and will likely cost you some of the people in your circle who are intimidated by change.


It sounds good but, I'm not convinced because:

This isn't the best time, I'll start it when (insert excuse) happens.
That's the BIG problem in your life. There is never the perfect time for almost anything. Stars won't align and give you a clear sign to start something, the thought in your head that tells you a changes is needed is the sign. just pay attention to it. If you've read this far its clearly something you want to do something about, so just do it. EXECUTE. 100 Days To Freedom will show you how to develop the necessary skills along the way, you just have to take the first step and start.
What happens if I fail?
SO WHAT! Start over, the next time you start you'll be so much further ahead of where you started originally, The truth is, failure is a part of life. If you live life trying to avoid any sort of failure you'll never try anything that stretches you to grow. You need to fail often, but fail forward. AKA keep pushing through towards your goals! If you changed the program to be easier to complete, would it even really feel like you accomplished anything? NO, you'd feel like a fraud and a cheat. do the hard right, not the easy wrong that got you top where you are right now!
❓100 Days To Freedom seems difficult to sustain.
NO KIDDING. That's the whole point of the challenge! Big changes don't come from doing something easy, growth takes effort and effort is tough. This program is 100 days because that is how long these skills take to build and then to really set in as a habit rather than a task. this program will make doing the habits of highly successful people second nature that takes little to no thought, its AUTOMATIC. That's how we create permanent and positive change, this doesn't that symptoms, it finds the root of the problem, cuts it out, and replaces it with something healthy so you can better your life.
❓I'm currently doing XYZ Diet/Training Program, so I can't start 100 Days To Freedom.
Im sorry to tell you, but that's just not true. The whole reason there isn't a diet or training program attached to this is so you can pick the one that fits you best. That's not to say you can't use one of Barbell Basecamp's programs. Im saying we believe its more important that you find what's best for you, and if what we offer isn't it, we don;'t want that to be the reason you don't complete the program.
 The only stipulations this program sets are that 30 of the 90 minutes of workout out must be outside, and the diet cannot have cheat meals or alcohol. The rest is fair game. 
Just like that, there is zero compromise and zero substitutions. That wasn't so hard now was it?
Can I swap out {insert your random task} instead of this required 100 Days To Freedom tasks?
NO ... Because that's the entire problem. You are trying to compromise and adapt things to suit your needs before you ever even start. When you make a small compromise to yourself, it engrains that decision pattern in your life. You subconsciously tell yourself that is OK, and without knowing, create a pattern of compromise across every single area of your life. That compromise nerfs off the sharp edges of what could be an exceptional life.
You can do this ... so don't start off on the wrong foot by compromising.
I haven't exercised in years ... and I'm too out of shape right now to do 2 workouts every day.
I promise that you are not too out of shape to be successful at this program. I specifically developed 100 Days To Freedom to be attainable regardless of your current physical fitness activity. You have to workout for 90 minutes a day with a minimum of 30 minutes of it outside. There's no mention on what activities that must include. This can be as simple as going on two 45-minute walks.
The only place you are too "out of shape" is your mental toughness. On the bright side, this program was designed to show you how to change that over the next 100 days into a strength, not a weakness.
I can't do outside workouts, I can't leave the kids home alone.
Nowhere in the rules does it say that the outside workout has to be miles away from home. Take the kids on a walk in the stroller, run around in the yard with or without them, do push up or sit ups, or just move your body! You can even do yard work! This is an excellent opportunity to show your kids what a good example looks like and teach them positive habits, so they can look back at those moments and have confidence that they can do hard things too.
100 Days To Freedom doesn't seem that hard.

Sweet, you must maintain a high level of fitness. The program is going to be a ton of fun for you then. Once you start, you'll push then harder than you do already and reach new heights. Accept the challenge and at the end of the 100 days make sure you let us know just how easy it has been.

As you are starting to see ... every possible thing you could say to object to starting the program right now is really just an excuse you are making to get out of doing the work.


You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting 100 Days To Freedom or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start 100 Days To Freedom if your physician or health care provider advises against it.